Occasio Health Strategies

Welcome to Occasio Health Strategies!

Occasio is a company dedicated to helping people improve their health. We’re glad you are here. This is a website developed as a tool to help you assess various aspects of your health and to assist you in taking control in those areas of life where you choose to make change.

In Latin, the word Occasio means 'a favorable moment or opportunity.' We selected Occasio because we believe health and vitality result from the many actions we take, moment-by-moment, throughout the day. Half of the health problems in this country are related to five behaviors – stress, eating patterns, exercise, alcohol use, and smoking. These five behaviors are areas where each of us face choices every day. We are frequently unaware of the opportunities we have for better health, or we decide that we will make the big choice for health later. The decision to choose health, therefore, is often postponed, influenced by expediency or temporary pleasure. The problem is that the big choice for health often never comes.

This website is part of an overall package of supports that Occasio can provide to help you move to a future of increased health and vitality. In addition to the resources here, we have trained coaches who can work with you, either on-line or by phone. After you complete the initial Health and Lifestyle Assessment, you and your coach can review the results and determine what areas of health, if any, you would like to improve. Together with your coach, you will develop strategies to build upon small achievable steps that will help you move forward. You will want to come back to this site often as you update your progress graphs, revisit various rating scales, research a variety of health resources, or join on-line support groups.

If you would like to explore turning each moment into an opportunity for health, please go to the assessment button at the top of the page to begin the process. The choice is yours. Occasio is here to help.